Private Client

Thank you so much for teaching the Yoga Nidra on zoom at Integris. Your classes are wonderful. Last night was the best yet. Sometimes there is a schedule conflict for me or I would be in session 2x a week. I am learning to relax and let go of my need for busyness. I also loved having compassion for ourselves. I am recovering from a painful foot surgery and resulted in high blood pressure. The first session reduced my BP by 20 pts. I am going to take care during the healing process. Thanks again for what you do.

Allison Candelaria
Owner of Soul Yoga Oklahoma City

Lauree’s compassionate and healing approach to the study of yoga and mindfulness allows her to help her students in the most safe and effective ways. Because of her numerous years of experience studying and practicing many styles of Meditation and Yoga Nidra, there is an ease when it comes to teaching new and seasoned practitioners. Lauree’s welcoming spirit and dedication to continuing to grow greatly enhances the space she is able to hold for her students.

Joe Holcomb
Metro Director, Oncology Wellness INTEGRIS Cancer Institute Oklahoma City

Lauree brings her gifts to any room she enters and anyone she encounters.  Prior to a year ago, Lauree was a friend I just hadn’t met…and today she is a dear friend and colleague that brings her gift as a healer and meditation teacher to the cancer patients we support at the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute.  She leads our patients and community members in a weekly Yoga Nidra.  The feedback from the participants has been awesome.  Many of them never miss…come rain or shine.  Thank you Lauree for sharing your gifts!  Oklahoma City eagerly receives it!

Denise Shaw, Owner
You Power Yoga Edmond OK

Lauree has provided workshops, monthly Yoga Nidra sessions, and special Nidra with Sound sessions at You Power Yoga, and we love her. As a studio owner, I appreciate her professionalism, organization, and dependability. Clients love her genuine spirit and the impactful classes she delivers. We are very happy to feature Lauree’s skills in our studio.

Maria Krey Gibson
Putnam City High School Dance Teacher, OK

“I have been trying different modalities of healing for over a decade. Yoga Nidra with Lauree has been one of the most profound healing experiences I have had thus far. As a public school teacher, I felt a need to share this experience with students so they too can access their autonomy to heal and cope with stress appropriately. Incorporating Yoga Nidra under the guidance of Lauree has been a priceless addition to my classroom. Lauree has been a compassionate facilitator and guide to not only share this gift but also live the practice.”

Dajha, Oklahoma City

I am eighteen years old and I listen to ASMR every night to help me relax and go to sleep. I attended Yoga Nidra with my grandmother and it was an experience I will never forget. Mrs. Lauree’s voice put the ASMR to shame. Her voice was so calming, I was so relieved of my daily stresses from school and work. My grandmother told me I was snoring along with a lot of people as they went into a deep sleep. Mrs. Lauree had to wake me up. I will attend another session when I am off work again on Tuesday night. Thank you, Ms. Lauree.

JoAnn, Oklahoma City

I attended Yoga Nidra over a month ago, at the MacArthur and Memorial Integris Cancer Center location. My girlfriend told me Yoga Nidra meant yogic sleep and I had experienced insomnia since 2015 when my husband suddenly passed away. During the first session I did not fully relax for fear that she might hypnotize me or put me in a trance. The second session I fully relaxed and went home and slept all night. That night I began to refocus on my intentions for my success in the present and future. The insomnia had diminished my creativity and visions I hoped for five years ago. The Yoga Nidra ignited my intentions and released what had been planted in my heat to do as an entrepreneur. I sleep now, I feel better physically, and I love the class every Tuesday night at 6:00 P.M. Come join us!